Katoghike is a medieval 13th century church. During the 17th century, particularly in 1679 an earthquake occurred (back then Armenia was part of the Persian Empire). With the magnitude of 7.0 the earthquake destroyed and ruined a number of important buildings in Yerevan. Among those buildings was Saint Katoghike Church. In 1693-1695 the construction of a large basilica church was completed. Made of tufa-stone and cement it was basically built on the western side of the church. It came without a dome and belonged to the three-nave basilica type. During the Soviet Union period a decision was made to build apartment blocks in that area. The decision supposed the demolition of the church. It was at that time that the intact 13th century church was discovered within the larger church. Protests started. Both the population and archaeologists wanted to preserve that small church and they did it. The church was preserved. As the basilica was being demolished khachkars dating back to 1472, 1641 and 1642 were found. Historical studies claim there used to be a church called “St. Astvatsatsin Church.” The present day St. Astvatsatsin church continues to bear the name “Katoghike.” It is relatively small – 5.4 x 7.5 m. Because of its small size and limited space it serves as a prayer house and a chapel.

St Anna Katoghike Church




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