Jano Restaurant, is one of the most delicious spots of Yerevan. First, Jano Restaurant opened in 1946, in Aleppo. When the war started in Syria in 2011 the owners decided to move to Armenia. In 2013, they opened Jano Restaurant, which offers Middle-Eastern food of superior quality. They also have sets for groups to allow people to try a variety of their dishes.



Jano Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that is not situated in the Kentron region and therefore is spacious, with comfortable tables and high ceilings and the walls are covered with old photos of Aleppo. Jano Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious foods on their menu, with some nice surprises such as the sujukh rolls, an excellent smoky stringy garlicky mutabbal, and the tastiest muhammara.



Jano Restaurant Cafe


Address: 59, Tigran Metz street

Working Hours: 11:00am Till 11:00pm


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