GreenTechSolar , is an environmental solutions company that offers people an unlimited amount of natural energy to meet their daily needs. GreenTechSolar is one of the leading high-tech companies engaged in leading scientific research, development and application of solar energy products, in particular, the Evacuated Tube Collector. The blood water heater is provided with a large-scale production base, a quality control system, abundant technical force, and advanced means of testing crafts from abroad.



  • The blood water heaters produced by the company are made by Armenian specialists.
  • They are the first solar water heaters in Armenia, which work with vacuum tube technology.
  • It is the only company in Armenia that provides a 10-year warranty for solar water heaters.
  • The company has been providing services since 2010 after the sale of the product.
  • The company is the first and largest manufacturer of vacuum tube technology in the whole area.
  • The plant’s products are exported to the Middle East, a number of European CIS countries.



Greentech Solar

Address: Shirak st.1/68, Yerevan, Armenia


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