Life tastes better after a slice of cheesecake!😌🍰@maloccocafe-a pretty cafe with a warm atmosphere. Even though the place is small and its crowded at evenings. Prices are not cheap given the location. The service was really slow, i had to wait 45 minutes for my pancake.

✔️SERVICE:6️⃣/🔟 😬👎🏽

We ordered:
✔️Oatmeal with banana and berries,it was tasty👌🏽 9️⃣/🔟
✔️Chocolate,banana and berry pancake7️⃣/🔟 (1200 AMD,until 3pm)
✔️Cheesecake 8️⃣/🔟
✔️Lemonade malocco (1500 AMD) 🔟/🔟
✔️Cappuccino(1300 AMD) 9️⃣/🔟

📍1 Tamanyan str.
📍6 Saryan str.

Malocco Cafe

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