Lately we visited @zanzibar.evn -a restaurant with very eye-catching and unique interior😍We were very much satisfied with the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, however we have to add that the service was average. The food was tasty, but the portions were quite small🤷🏻‍♀️

FOOD: 9️⃣/🔟
SERVICE: 8️⃣/🔟

We ordered:
✔️Naan paprika hummus(2800AMD) 🔟/🔟
✔️Angus beef polenta(6800AMD) 9️⃣/🔟
✔️Salmon on crispy quinoa(3800AMD) 🔟/🔟
✔️Salad “Romano”(3500AMD) 9️⃣/🔟
✔️Chocolate soufflé(3600AMD) 9️⃣/🔟
✔️Coco Choco(3600AMD) 🔟/🔟
✔️Churros(2700AMD) 🔟/🔟

📍10 Saryan

Zanzibar Restaurant

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